Job Posting/Repairer

Department: Subway & Bus Maintenance

Affiliation: Local 589

Salary Range: $26.28 (Minimum)- $35.05 (Maximum) Per Hour

Job Summary: The Repairer is responsible for inspection, trouble-shooting, maintenance and repair of all electronic, electrical and mechanical equipment and systems on rail/electronic trolley bus (ETB)/ Dual Mode Articulated (DMA) vehicles and for response to vehicle road failures.

Open: 02/15/13

Close: 04/15/13

All interested candidates should forward their resume and application to the Human Resources Directorate, Attention: M. Dunderdale, 10 Park Plaza, Room 4810, Boston, MA 02116, or fax to (617)-222-4767 or (617)-222-4219, no later than 11:59 p.m., Monday, April 15, 2013. Applicants are asked to submit documentation verifying the possession of the above education requirement with their resume and/or application. The Authority is advertising the above notice as a matter of policy without waiving any rights under the law or establishing a precedent. Further, the Authority reaffirms its right to select candidates from any source.

For a copy of the full posting contact the Greater Springfield NAACP at 413-650-6154 or

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