Advocacy & Issues

Education Advocacy Program

The NAACP Education Advocacy program focuses its attention on an effective, accountable and accessible public school systems and adequate and equitable school funding.

Health Advocacy Program

The Health Advocacy program of the NAACP Springfield Branch focuses its efforts on initiatives to decrease the disparity of communities of color health related issues to include HIV/AIDS, Prostate and Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Attacks/Stroke/High Blood Pressure and Sickle Cell. Additionally, the NAACP focuses attention on Environmental Justice issues that disproportionately impact the health of African Americans and other citizens of color.

Economic Empowerment

The Economic Empowerment program works to advance economic opportunities of communities of color and provides vital empowerment tools that enable informed consumer choices. Also, the program seeks to host Quarterly Community Workshops to increase access and awareness of Financial Services to include Credit, Capital, Bonding, Financial Literacy and Technical Assistance initiatives.

Criminal Justice Advocacy Program

This program advocates for public awareness of inequalities in the criminal and juvenile justice systems and supports the efforts of the Springfield Branch Police Complaint Center to end Racial Profiling.